crochet scrappy hat.


hatThis is a pretty easy hat to make for a kiddo – using scrap yarn. You can use any combination of colors – I used a 6mm hook and red heart yarn.

I followed this pattern, only my hat came out more rounded, than triangular. ( I think i missed the chain twos at the end when i was going around…ooops!), but in the end I came up with something that still works, and used up some of scrap yarn while at it!

I started with making the band first, using a ribbing stitch until it was 18 inches long.

IMG_4300Then I crocheted half double crochets all around, switching colors after each row, until it was time to decrease.
IMG_4302I decreased my stitches, as the pattern told me to until I got to the point that my hat was too tight to flip in and out and I made a big pom pom to put at the top.

4 responses to “crochet scrappy hat.

  1. “For personal use, gifting, and donation only. If you are involved in an animal charity, please contact me with details of the charity and event for permission to sell for fund-raising. Please do not sell or duplicate this pattern or ever use items made from this pattern for personal gain.” Do you remember seeing this on my blog when you were copying my pattern onto yours?!?!?!?! Please take this down. Now.

    • Cheryl

      She isn’t selling your pattern and she linked back to you. What exactly did she do wrong? Also, just so you know… it IS LEGAL to sell items made from ANY pattern! You may own the pattern, but if a person uses their supplies and time to make an item, why do you think they shouldn’t be allowed to sell that item? Just sayin’. 🙂

      This hat looks great! I love the colors and the lack of pointy-ness.

  2. carolyn

    Thank you for another great idea using this pattern. have made several really “scrappy” ones, and like your colorway too.

  3. Mandy

    Thanks for posting this! Looks really cute. I found you through Pinterest. I’ve already started one for my son except with just one color because I don’t feel like switching lol! Just wanted to let you know, you skipped round 7 in the numbering of the rows. I just assumed round 8 is round 7 and so on and will adjust. On the directions for round 3-6 it doesn’t say how many times to repeat row 2, but I’m guessing it would be 4. Round 10 doesn’t say which row repeat, but I figure that should say 8. Just thought I’d let you know. Otherwise this looks great to me! This is my first hat from the bottom up and also with the BLO, so I’m excited to see how it turns out! I’ll comment and let you know how it goes!

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