364. pumpkin kibbeh.


I got Vegan Eats World for christmas, and as excited as I am too cook from a new book, I’m also extremely overwhelmed by it. It calls for alot of  ingredients I don’t normally have on hand, as well as take a little bit more elbow grease than my usual recipes. And alot of the things in there I have never even heard of – but thats not going to stop me! I decided I need to just pick a recipe and cook it. And tonight my cousin came over and we chose the pumpkin kibbeh. I never even heard of kibbeh, but we followed the directions and went to town. And it was good! It is two layers of pumpkin/bulgur/onion mixture, with an onion/walnut filling sandwiched between the two layers. It called for a cashew yogurt sauce that I didn’t make because I didn’t have any soy yogurt –  we did some research later to find out what exactly is kibbeh, how do you say it, and how is it normally prepared. We learned that it is sometimes fried like falafel, which I can see, because all the bulgur reminded me of falafel. Which also made me think this would be good with something creamy – like hummus. AND we read that it is traditionally served with hummus! So i wasn’t too far off.  This took a bit more time than I would usually spend on dinner, but it was a saturday, im on staycation and it was worth it. I also think this would be a great potluck dish! Oh, the recipe called for pumpkin, but I had butternut squash on hand, and that seemed to work just fine.

have you ever had kibbeh before? what is it like? is this far from the real thing?

One response to “364. pumpkin kibbeh.

  1. I love new cookbooks, but I’m generally overwhelmed by all of their new ingredients too. Good for you for diving right in!

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