341. snowglobes.

I have been wanting to make our own snowglobes for a while! I finally found some of these little christmas trees at micheals, so we were able to make these finally happen. I dunno though…I kind of feel like this is a pinterest fail in some ways. The glitter sticks to everything (we tried using glitter and glitter tinsel – the tinsel works better for sure). The trees seem to darken the water and we have to redo them. We used the glycerin, but in some of them (the middle snowglobe) the glitter gets all clumpy at the top ( I think b/c of the gylcerin). So I dunno. Has anyone else made these and have had luck? Whats the trick?! They seem so easy. Anyway, we had fun doing it and making a few as gifts! I love that milo picked a dinosaur for his on the end.

2 responses to “341. snowglobes.

  1. I made mine without water in them. I just used really fine glitter and snow and found that some of it sticks to the sides from static and so it looks like a snow globe without any water in it. Not sure if that helps!? http://popsiclesandpinatas.com/2012/11/14/diy-dollar-store-anthropologie-inspired-salt-shaker-snow-globe/

  2. meredith

    i made one for steven the first christmas we were together (5 years ago), and it still sits on his nightstand. i glued a tiny model airplane to the top of the jar, dangling from fishing line. i’ve made others since then, and the disc-shaped glitter works best. the long shaped glitter didn’t work for me. i used a TEENY amount of glycerine. mine have been successful, but i haven’t used trees or anything that the glitter would stick to.

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