319. crocheted cowl.

Oh my, crocheting is SO much easier than knitting. Not even sure, after all these years, why I even bother with knitting.
I made this in about 90 minutes, using this tutorial. Its so so easy. It needs some work (its wider on top than the bottom). Also the tutorial said to make it 37 stitches across. I ended up making mine 55, and its still kind of hard to get around my ever so tiny head. so you might want to adjust that if you are doing the tutorial in the video. but this is basically a row of single crochets, two rows of double crochets, and then repeat! and because I used a big hook and thick yarn, it took no time. I definitely want to take on more crocheting projects…they are SO much more forgiving than knitting!

Next I plan to turn this pattern into an infinity scarf.  Currently checking my stock of yarn to see what I have enough of to make that happen!


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