314. cowl #2: FAIL.



My attempt at cowl #2, started off great. I was just casually knitting and I made alot of progress. I stopped for a bit, and picked up on the train to continue working on it. I knitted three rows when I noticed that I was somehow knitting it backwards. The stockinette stitches were on the wrong side. I undid a bunch of the rows, and tried to put them back on the needles the best I could, but after a few more stitches I noticed that it looked like the same problem was happening. I have no clue what I was doing wrong – but I’m back on the “I hate knitting in the round wagon.”


2 responses to “314. cowl #2: FAIL.

  1. Isn’t knitting great! I’ve spent my morning swearing at the lace weight yarn I’ve been spinning. Why do we do this to ourselves?

  2. No, don’t give up!. It sounds to me as if you might have twisted your row of cast-on sts before you joined Them into a circle. This is very easy to do and has happened to most of us, honest! If you work the first row or two flat, before joining the circle, it’s much easier to see and straighten out twists. You can use the yarn tail to close the tiny seam afterwards.
    Go on, give it a go, the yarn’s so snuggly!

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