307. brussel sprout quesedilla.

I really really want to like brussel sprouts. I will admit, I had never even tried one until I was pregnant and determined to eat super healthy. Well, they never quite won me over. Ive tried roasting them, I just don’t like coating them in a lot of oil or butter and I kind of feel like that’s what make these babies so good normally. I don’t mind the taste, its the mooshy texture that gets me. I love the crispy outer parts. Its the inside I have trouble stomaching. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up on them. I grew them in my garden this year (they never quite made it though) and I shred them and put them in stir fries occasionally. When I saw this recipe to make these quesedillas with them, I figured I’d give it another go. I used an onion instead of a shallot and omitted the dijon mustard (anyone who knows me knows I can’t STAND mustard – I can probably do dijon if its hidden enough, but the thought of it scared me and since Im already kind of on the fence with brussel sprouts I didn’t want to jump too far into anything…) I also used regular paprika b/c I don’t have smoked (I NEED To pick some up!)

Anyway, these were pretty good. I made sure to cut my brussel sprouts pretty finely, and cook them up pretty well done. Mine didn’t taste smokey obviously, because I didn’t have the smoked paprika, but I loooooved the way the hummus and brussel sprouts combined. I felt like I was eating something super healthy and out of my comfort zone, and I plan to make these again, since I have a whole bag of brussel sprouts waiting to be used.

If you have some good brussel sprout recipes, for a newbie like me, send them my way!


One response to “307. brussel sprout quesedilla.

  1. sarah jean

    sprouts are literally my favorite vegetable, and i never thought i’d say that! what i normally do is roast them. to cut down on oil, i put them in a huge ziplock and sprinkle just a little oil, then salt and pepper. close the bag up and shake like hell! to take it one step further, you can do the labor-intensive process of pulling each leaf off and making ‘chips’ – kinda like kale chips, but with sprouts. they are really good. i let them roast until they are almost brown, then when they cool they are crunchy, like chips!

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