283. bi bim bop.

Tonight I made some bi bim bop for dinner. I kind of did a mash up of many recipes – but basically this is what i did:

Cooked some rice. Set aside.

Slice zuchinni into strips. ( I used the last one from my garden!) Sprinkle with 2 cloves minced garlic. Coated with a little soy sauce and salt. Sauteed until kind of soft. Set aside.

Sliced up some carrots into strips and sauteed in the same pan until a little soft. Set aside.

Toast some seasame seeds. Boil some water. Blanch spinach. Drain all the water out of the spinach, salt and add toasted seeds. Set aside.

Blanch some bean sprouts. Set aside.

Sautee some tofu. Set aside.

Get ready to combine it all.
I tried to fry up my rice so it gets a little crusty like it does when you order it in a stone pot. I think if I had some seasame oil it would have been better. More work on that next time.

Combine everything in your bowl.

For the sauce I combined four tablespoons of Gochujang, with 1 Tbs sugar and 1 Tbs of rice vinegar. Put a dallop in the middle of your bowl. Top with a fried egg if you swing that way. Enjoy! Can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow.


One response to “283. bi bim bop.

  1. I love bi bim bop! My husband is Korean. I should make this to impress him. 🙂

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