280. frame configuration.

Today I did something I wanted to do for a looooong time. I hung frames. ALOT of them. Ive been wanting to have a wall of family photos since Milo was born, I just couldn’t bring myself to put it together. I had a half ass one in the condo but when we moved into the house I knew I wanted to have photos by the stairs. We don’t have a huge staircase by any means, but we definitely have the space to make something happen. I went to ikea a few months ago and bought some frames. I always buy the Ribba frame in black, and then I get home, start configuring and then realize I didn’t buy enough…So I gave up on that. I went to target last night and just picked random frames in various sizes. Then I picked from my Ikea stock, as well as some others I had laying around and just starting hanging them until I got here. And Im pretty happy with it! We recently took family photos, so I have all kinds of photos from the shoot, as well as other favorites from the past few years to get into those frames. I had a shutterfly gift certificate from two years ago that I redeemed to get the prints. So now I wait.

In the meantime, WHAT do we do with that hideous railing?? We desperately need a new one, but have no ideas where to even start. I found this, but Dj didnt really care for it…

5 responses to “280. frame configuration.

  1. New follower… I like the frames alot! You have a good eye for that.

    And I hate your railing too 🙂 . The link to the other staircase was interesting, but it reminds ME of cubbies and I could imagine kids “parking” items there… especially when you are trying to get them to take something upstairs. You know, the “I’ll leave it here and take it upstairs the next time I go…” (which never happens!).

    Can’t wait to read through some older posts 🙂

  2. meg trigg

    I just read some of your other ideas… cute! And I applaud you for acknowledging that you saw something like it on Pintrest.. I have read other blogs where the author “implies” (through omission) that it was their idea, when I have seen it numerous places prior to their blog. I guess they have some ego need to do that.. glad you don’t… it’s becoming a pet peeve of mine.

  3. pamasaurus

    We have ugly iron railings, too, and I want to make them go away. Alas, that’s so far down my list that I can’t even think about it ever getting done :/

  4. I think you should paint the railing a bold color and leave the curly cue parts white. It will look cute!

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