232. front of the house updates.

First, I painted the door.
Then the new address sign.

We finally got new lights installed (dj did it! i still cant believe it) and I finally moved those hostas around the light pole and replaced them with some black eyed susans, russian sage, lavendar and some ornamental grassy stuff. MUCH better. That russian sage smells amazing! I got the lights for a great deal on one of those flash sites, the same day I painted the door. I guess it was meant to be. I really really like them and they make SUCH a difference.

Last thing: that mail box. I dont know what to do with it. Considering painting it. maybe red? maybe black? All i know its it needs some kind of makeover…
Next year I need to battle the larger areas of planting in the front. Any ideas what to do in front of the window where the sad droopy tree is????
Suggestions welcome!

OH! I got a new doorknocker too! This guy from anthropologie worked out great.


3 responses to “232. front of the house updates.

  1. What a difference! I installed my first light fixtures a few months ago (oddly enough I was replacing hideous gold sconces above my fireplace) and was so surprised how easy it was!

  2. What flash deal site do you use for home products?

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