203. banana chocolate chip flapjacks.

Milo woke up telling me he wanted pancakes for breakfast, so I broke out the ol’ vegan brunch book, since its been a while since I’ve made anything from that gem of a cookbook. I made these since they had bananas in them (healthy) but made a few with some chocolate chips in them too since they are milo’s favorite. He got two regular and one chocolate chip, so thats not so bad, is it?

I’ve mentioned before I really dislike making vegan pancakes because they just don’t usually turn out right. These actually turned out pretty good! I burned the first few and had to start over because my pan was too hot for too long, but once I got going I got into the groove and made it work. Another pancake success!

One response to “203. banana chocolate chip flapjacks.

  1. That’s a good idea for breakfast…

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