186. tank dress, revisited.

I took another stab at the tank dress, but doing it a little bit differently this time. I was at the thrift store today because all the clothes were 50% off. I came across this strapless dress for $1.50 – I was drawn to the bright fabric and was kind of bummed when it fit very oddly. I had the idea to bring it home and try to turn it into another tank dress. I grabbed a tank for 50 cents and quickly went home and got started. I kind of winged this one – remembering what I did last time, and thinking of ways to revise it. Once I cut the top off the dress, i realized it was already going to be better because the skirt is cut on a diagonal, so I wont have to do all that cinching like last time. I placed it on my waist and marked where it should fall, leaving a little give to get on and off. I cut the seam down the side of the skirt on a diagonal, using another skirt as my guide. I then stitched it back up to my new size. When I put it back on my waist, it was a little too big, so I thought to add some elastic. I folded over the top of the skirt and sewed, then pulled the elastic through. VIOLA – this helped and looked like a skirt! I sewed the top to the bottom, turned it inside out and there you go! Instant dress that only took me about 20 minutes!

I probably should have gone a little bit slower and did things more precise, but I was more curious if this would even turn out. It definitely turned out better than I hoped and I plan to wear my new dress today!

One response to “186. tank dress, revisited.

  1. Love the pattern of the skirt! Belt, matching flats, done!

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