169. instagram coasters.

Since we got a new table, I figured we could use some coasters. I have seen ways to take scrapbook paper and adhere them to tiles and make coasters, but I did this using some instagram photos. I always print a bunch, and then I don’t really do anything with them because I can’t really find frames. This was so easy and I loved how it turned out!

I print my photos using scrapbookpictures.com, and while writing this post realized they closed this year. They printed 4×4 photos for about 12 cents a piece! Bummer. Good thing I had a stash of photos previously printed…

I went to Home Depot this morning and got some of these 4.25×4.25 ceramic tiles for 13 cents a piece. I adhered the photos to the tiles using mod podge, then used a sponge brush and brushed it over the top of the photo as well. I let it dry and did one more coat to make sure everything was good and sealed. I  got a package of little felt pads for the bottoms for $3 and stuck these to the bottom of each one.

I think I could buy a little photo hook and put it on the back and use these tiles to display the photos on the wall. These would also make really great gifts! And they were so inexpensive, I could easily make more and swap them out as I take new photos!

10 responses to “169. instagram coasters.

  1. i LOVE this… will have to try it. Need to find some modgepodge.

  2. pamasaurus

    That’s an awesome idea!!! I’ve made coasters with scrapbook paper. I’m excited to try this 😀

  3. Nikki T

    I also spray my coasters with an acrylic sealer spray. Mod podge can get sticky sometimes. I also want to make sure they are good and sealed. I also use a piece of felt to cover the whole bottom to hide the ridges of the tile.

  4. Ariel

    Are the tiles bisqued or glazed?

  5. So cute! I love them! What a great way to display your photography!

  6. iflicks

    Very creative

  7. Molly Cusick

    have you found a heat resistant sealer? i used triple thick crystal clear glaze Krylon spray sealer and when a hot cup is on the coaster it leaves a cloudy ring behind 😦 boo….

  8. One Question, what kind of paper are your photos printed out on? Ink Jet, laser printer or just plain ol’ computer paper???

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