165. hot yoga.

So tonight’s post isn’t necessarily making anyting crafty or tasty, but its definitely a HUGE accomplishment I never thought I’d be capable of saying I completed.

I took a 105 degree, hot power fusion yoga class tonight at power yoga. And I survived.

I hate heat. I kind of prefer winter over summer (kind of). The idea of hot yoga made me cringe. I had no desire to do it. EVER. Mostly because I figured I would be absolutely miserable during it.

Yoga is something I realize I need in my life. Its so theraputic and it helps relieve so much stress, gives me some “me” time, and its a work out! Now that I moved, I needed to start it back up. Core Power Yoga is only a few minutes away and I noticed they had offer a few free classes. So I went on Sunday to try it out. I had no idea the basic class there is 95 degrees. So I sort of tried it by accident in a way….I get a week free of yoga there, So I figured while its free, whats 10 degrees more? If I hate it, I’ll never go back, and it didn’t cost me a thing, so why not give it a try….I had nothing to lose in my eyes, except an hour of my time.

So I went tonight with two of my friends there … And I will say I will definitely go back.

Because I spent alot of time earlier in the year practicing yoga on a regular basis, it gave me the strength to power through the poses and sustain the heat. I wasn’t struggling, which made the heat alot more bearable. You don’t hold the poses for very long; alot of the focus is on stability acutally.

I don’t think this will be my favorite form of yoga, but its definitely different and feels good to have some variety. I  have never, ever, sweat so much in my life during a one hour period. This year I have now completed TWO BIG yoga accomplishments that I never in a million years would have even thought possible!


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