134. planes overhead.

Happy mothers day! We are moving in less than a week, so we had a million things to do today. We drove to bensenville to buy our kitchen chairs, and its really near the airport and the planes fly right over your head. It was pretty cool! So we stopped for a bit and watched as the planes came flying overhead.

2 responses to “134. planes overhead.

  1. becky krett

    Hi Erica!! Love your blog ( if I haven’t told you that already : ) ). Wondering. Did you buy your chairs at a store there?? Would love to see a picture of them and of your kitchen. : ).

  2. we bought some chairs there, but they weren’t in stock. I had scheduled them for delivery and a few days later when I saw the new house, I realized they werent going to work the way i wanted them to. I went with white (over red or black) and they walls are currently white, and the cabinets are white, so i cancelled the order. The kitchen isnt in order yet – hopefully soon. My friend is building us a table. it should hopefully be here this weekend. I will for sure blog about it b/c im really excited! But we are back to square one with the chairs. Gonna wait until we see the table, and then figure it out.

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