127. the great dresser refinishing project.

A few months ago, I got these dressers from my uncle. They belonged to my grandfather who has now passed away. They aren’t necessarily the style I want to go, but I figured at some point in our lives we would need to replace these crappy ikea dressers we now have. And I know my grandpa would be happy to know that I now have them. They sat in the basement and stressed me out because I didn’t know where we would be moving next, or if we would ever end up using them. Well the time has come where we are going to be moving (in less than two weeks!) and I’m thinking of giving one of the two dressers to milo for his room. And I thought it would be great to refinish it and try to modernize it a bit. So i contacted someone with the hopes that they would give me a good price on just that….yah, not so much. They quoted me around $500. So I decided I would just attempt this myself. How hard can it be?

Well, its not hard, but its VERY time consuming. My friend gave me an orbital sander and I went through the first round this afternoon.  I still have to go in and do alot by hand. Then I need to do another round with a different grit of sandpaper….Then I have to prime it. Then paint it. Then pick some fun hardware for it!

So far I have only spent $40 on making this happen. The only other cost I forsee having to spend on the paint!

So it will probably take me a bit of time to get to these next stages, but I will be sure to chronicle it here!

2 responses to “127. the great dresser refinishing project.

  1. mixmakegrow

    Refinishing furniture is a big job, but totally worth it in the end! There’s something really rewarding about bringing a piece back into style.

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