82. frozen chocolate and peanut butter banana bites.

Chocolate, peanut butter and banana. Three of my favorite things.  I’ve seen variations on pinterest, so I figured I’d take a stab at these. They looked pretty simple….and they are…except I can’t for the life of me ever figure out how to get chocolate to melt and be all spread-y and thin and nice. One of the recipes said to add milk; I know from the past anytime I do this, my milk gets hard and clumpy. So I did it anyway, and sure enough, that batch was ruined. I tried adding a little earth balance to that batch to make it thinner, but it was a lost cause.

To make these all I did was chop up a banana, spread some peanut butter on each piece, melt some chocolate (just melted it and worked with it – was kind of thick, so it was messy and hard to work with towards the end, which is why these are NOT pretty), and then dipped them in the chocolate. Put them in the freezer and now they are ready to go.

These will make a great after-dinner treat!

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