36. juice cleanse.

This weekend my friend Kelly and I took on a 3-day Juice cleanse. I’ve tried this two other times, and have never been able to get past 1 1/2 days. We bought a groupon from Peeled, so the juices were already made for us. And I figured if I “bought” it, I knew that there would be less of a chance of me throwing in the towel. We drink six 16 oz. juices every two hours. In between we drank lots of water. Overall this went pretty well. We definitely had our ups and downs, and in the end we survived.

The juices go as follow: 1/green juice – mixture of romaine, celery, lemon, spinach, green apple, etc. This one started off ok, but sometimes I had a hard time getting it down.
2/cayenne lemonade – mixture of water, lemon juice and cayenne. this one was not that bad. kind of tart.
3/ red juice. OH MY GOD this one is so nasty. Its definitely heavy on the beets.
4/green juice again
5/ beet juice again (oh yay!)
6/cashew milk. Let me tell you…. the cashew milk tastes AMAZING after drinking all that vegetable juice. Its a nice reward and I wish it was three times the size. its delicious.

We started friday morning – Work was a great distraction. After work we checked into a hotel downtown, (our first time using priceline!) thinking some fun girl time would help us be distracted. This didn’t go as planned. We checked in, drank our beet juice, and headed to michigan avenue, which was about a 5 block walk or so. This was absolutely no fun as we didn’t have much energy or patience. Just dealing with stores and putting clothes on and off took way more patience and energy than we were willing to give. We did what we had to do, but within an hour or so we were just back at the hotel in our jammies, laying in bed. We had high hopes to go to a movie and get our make up done and shop until the stores clothes. Not so much. 7:30 we were in bed, and ready for the day to end. We bought Young Adult on Pay per view, watched it, and called it a night.

Overall, the day went ok though. Wasn’t as hungry as I thought – I went to the bathroom about 400 times because of all the liquid I was consuming. I think at the end of the day, it was definitely over 200 Fl. oz we drank.

Saturday – We woke up feeling ok. Here is where we realized the hotel wasn’t the best idea. We laid in bed all morning, bored out of our minds waiting for the time to pass. Nothing was on tv, I already finished my embroidery project, and I read all the magazines I brought along. The thought of walking to the el was not very enticing, so we talked dj into picking us up at the hotel around 11. We went back to my house and got the car and went to goodwill to do a little thrifting. We had pedicure appointments after that, and then came back here so the guys can go out. We had plans to do more thrifting, but just didn’t want to deal with it. And we missed our toddlers….We stayed home with the kiddos and watched ryan gossling movies. THIS, my friends, was THE HARDEST part of the cleanse. Toddlers. I had very little patience and was extremlely warn out. I just wanted to curl in a ball and watch tv. We could not wait until it was late enough to put the kids to bed. We put a movie on for them around 8pm, and we all laid in my bed and rested until the guys came home and our little ones were finally asleep.

Overall day two – still not hungry like I thought I would be. Overexerted myself with the kiddos for sure, but overall, not too bad. We survived.
Had the most hi’s and lo’s today. At some points I was ready to throw in the towel. Other points I wanted to do this for a week! That was definitely interesting. Still peeing constantly.

Sunday – Woke up feeling fine; Pretty normal actually. Spent about 4 hours in the kitchen prepping food for the week. One would think this is torture to someone who can’t eat any of it, but let me tell you, it was extremely theraputic because I was so busy and knew that all this food I was making (soup, rice, quinoa, black beans) are going to help me eat clean all week! And I like to cook!

So now I’m drinking my final cashew milk and have officially completed a 3-day juice cleanse. I hope I will be able to continue this discipline and make some better choices about what I’m eating and feeding to my family. I think that we eat pretty good now, but we can always improve. I didn’t really get any headaches and I don’t think that I was super grumpy, as I told I would be. I definitely had very little patience and could see getting pretty angry quickly if I were to put myself in those situations, but I did my best to avoid them, and tried to stay positive.

I’m equal parts glad I did it, relieved its over! Overall I feel pretty good! I plan to reintroduce food tomorrow, but only whole foods.

Thanks to kelly for being a great partner in crime.


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