08. headstand.

Today marks the day, after 9 years of doing yoga, that I successfully did a handstand on my own!

(its also the day my friend kristin and i dressed the same to yoga!)

Right before christmas, I started going to a new yoga studio, Village Yoga, thanks to YouSwoop, and I discovered I love this studio!

This studio just opened in November, so right now the owner, Alyson, teaches most of the classes. The class size tends to be somewhat small, and Alyson has taken the time to get to know us each a bit, and by attending her classes so often, she has been able to work with me and help me grow with my practice. Before coming to her studio I have never even came close to doing a headstand. I think in the past when the time has come to do inversions in class, I just automatically go to child’s pose, or do something else. I have had no interest because I just assumed it was something I couldn’t do. On New Years day, I was the only one to attend Alyson’s class. So I kind of got my own private yoga session. And in this class she got me to at least try to do a headstand with her assistance. And I did it. I finally got over that intial fear of kicking my feet up over my head. She held my feet in place and it felt scary, but I also knew she wasn’t going to let me fall, so I just embraced it – it was liberating. I conquered that initial “fear of the unknown” and just went with it.

So back to the day where I actually do it on my own…. I met my friend kristin at class this afternoon, and this was the first time I had attended where a teacher other than alyson taught. There were alot of people in class this day. But the class was still very very good, and we towards the end we worked on inversions. She showed us all kinds of modifications, depending on your level. This time around, I put my mat up to the wall, used my core, and got my legs right up there above my head and against the wall. I couldn’t believe it. It felt amazing. And it made me want to push myself further in yoga, and keep getting stronger with my practice.

This year I will definitely be attending many more yoga classes.


2 responses to “08. headstand.

  1. Congratulations! The best feeling in the world! Keep reaching for the impossible and make it possible!

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