make great.

I did a photo of the day project last year with my iPhone mainly to force me to think creatively every single day. I got alot of self-gratification out of this, and most importantly, it taught me to view the world differently; to see the beauty in the smallest, everyday things. The thought to do it again definitely crossed my mind, and it feels kind of odd to be out and about and not constantly thinking about what I should be taking a photo of. However, Im really relieved to not HAVE to take a photo of something.

Make more stuff was basicaly my resolution for 2012. I didnt really want to set a bunch of goals, but I did know I just wanted to make more things. I’m crazy for pinterest, I learned how to sew last summer, I always have a camera (or a few) on me, and I want to cook more whole foods. I just want to make! And while the idea to make something every day crossed my mind, I definitely did not want the commitment. That thought of commitment made me nauseous. Then, 20 days later, I come to realize I have already been doing it.

So that brings me to this blog. I’m going to post about something I have made each day. That might be a craft project, a design, a photograph, a recipe, something new I accomplished in some way….I just want to continue to be creative every day, and help carry out my resolution.  I kind of feel like in a way, this is going to come to me even easier than taking a photo every day (though that was not always easy!). So thanks for following along; I plan to work on posts for the past 20 days so far – so please bear with me as I backtrack through these. I hope to be up to date soon!


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