valentines day paper crafts.

Taking some inspiration from pinterest, Milo and I made these valentines paper crafts during a case of cabin fever. I did the cutting, he did the gluing.

324. space ship.

We went to a space themed party for milo’s friend, and we worked on this space ship together. Its now proudly hanging in milo’s room!

130. paper mobiles.

I  have been seeing these on pinterest recently, and thought it would be perfect for milo’s upcoming birthday party. I used some paper scraps (mostly from paper sample books I had lying around for years) and cut them into red, yellow, blue and white strips. (thomas colors!)  Then I sewed them together with my sewing machine. I think these are going to work great!

100. mini bunting card.

In honor of 100 days of blogging, here is a little card I made that says HOORAY when you open it up.

100 down, 266 more to go.


48. princess leia cupcake toppers.

Milo told me this morning I needed to have princess leia* cupcakes for my birthday, and I think that he might be right. So here is the start to making that happen!

* According to Milo – since I’m a girl, my favorite is always princess leia and I get big presents like barbies.


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